Farm Fresh Freebie from Hands-on-Design

I was scrolling through the #crossstitchersofinstagram hashtag feed over on Instagram with my coffee and spotted this adorable finish of a pattern from Hands on Design by @starrynightsstudio

How darn cute is that? Adorable.

The pattern is the Farm Fresh freebie that Hands on Design gave to shops at Nashville and you can download a PDF of the pattern on their blog at

Pretty Flowers by Stitching Fairy

These quick and easy to stitch flowers from Stitching Fairy are perfect to stitch up for cards and gifts, with variations to use for different events.

You can download the pattern set free on Craftsy.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching!

12 Free Patriotic Cross Stitch Patterns

Pattern roundup of 12 Patriotic themed cross stitch freebies you can download and stitch. Link to the location of each free pattern is directly under the image.

United We Stand free cross stitch pattern from Sandra Parlow

==> United We Stand by Sandra Parlow available at (scroll to the bottom of the freebies page, pattern and key are separate files to download)

America 1776 free cross stitch pattern from The Gentle Art

==> America 1776 from The Gentle Art (scroll down a bit on the page to get the pattern download)

Patriotic Pockets free pocket shaped cross stitch patterns from

==> Patriotic Pockets from

Enjoy and Stitching!

Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day

12 Free Patriotic Cross Stitch Patterns

Golden Butterfly

This shiny little butterfly was designed by Janelle Giese for Kreinik and is available as a free pattern download on the Kreinik website.

golden butterfly free cross stitch pattern

source: Kreinik

Get the pattern [here]. Enjoy and happy stitching!

Royal Wedding Sampler

Bugs and Fishes had a similar cute sampler for Prince William and Kate’s marriage, and now has recreated it to have a matching one for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding.

Seriously, how adorable is that?
Almost as adorable and the couple themselves. It’s perfect.

You can download this free cross stitch pattern on the Bugs and Fishes blog at

Go download that pattern and prepare to geek out over the beautiful wedding and all the television coverage that goes with it this weekend. Enjoy and happy royal wedding stitching πŸ™‚

Frog Happy

This happy little frog was designed by Pam Kellogg for Kreinik and is available as a free pattern download on the Kreinik website.

Frog Happy free cross stitch pattern

source: Kreinik

Get the pattern [here]. He’s super handsome with a little bit of sparkle and a lot of happiness. Enjoy and happy stitching!

Knotwork Garden

A bit bigger than the usual free pattern, this design can be stitched as a pillow, part of a tote bag, a nice sized quilt block, or anything else you can imagine it as. While charted in purples and greens, this Celtic inspired knotwork design can of course be stitched in any color combination.

You can download the free pattern PDF [here]. Enjoy & Happy Stitching πŸ™‚

Unicorn Whatevered

This unicorn and rainbow pattern from The Hob-bee Hive is a little naughty, a little fun, and a lot of cute. It’s the perfect blend. I love it πŸ™‚

When you download the pattern [here], it’s actually an Excel spreadsheet so it might be a little different than what you’re used to seeing for cross stitch pattern downloads. While different, it’s easy to print and read. You’ll have to make your own floss color choices for this one.

Kudos to the designer for skill, patience, and creativity it takes to build a pattern in this way ~ mega awesome. Definitely leave a comment there on the blog post and let her know you appreciate her hard work and thank her for the fun pattern.

Enjoy and happy stitching!

Duck Family in the Water

family of ducks free cross stitch pattern

source: Beau2stitch

A cute duck family – mama and her babies – swimming along enjoying their day and looking cute in this free cross stitch pattern from Beau2stitch. The design is 160 x 190 stitches and can be found under Free Animals Cross Stitch on the Beau2stitch blog or by clicking [here].

Enjoy & happy stitching! πŸ™‚

Easter Egg Ornaments

All four of these shiny egg shaped ornaments were designed by Janelle Giese and are available as free pattern downloads via Kreinik.

Easter Egg ornament Designed by Janelle Giese for Kreinik - four free cross stitch patterns available to download

Get the pattern PDF files [here] and [here]. There are four egg patterns all together, in two PDFs. All the designs do include specialty stitches, but the pattern files include some instruction to help you along with them.

quick tip: While they are shown as Easter ornaments, these are basically just tiny band samplers. You can easily change things up in the finishing if you don’t want to have them as egg-shaped ornaments. You could make square ornaments instead, of course. You could also do up some tiny flat-folds, hanging sachets, needlebooks, bell pulls, or just about anything else with these delightful little patterns.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching!