Happy Halloween Cross Stitch Pattern Freebie

happy halloween free cross stitch pattern by Kit & Bixby
source: Hoffman Distributing

This Kit & Bixby Happy Halloween cross stitch pattern freebie is available from the Hoffman Distributing website, but it looks like the designer’s website is no longer existing.

Not sure what’s going on there, I still see plenty of their patterns for sale around the web (and they have some very nice designs) so I’m not sure if they’re stopped producing new patterns of if they’ve just temporarily taken down their website to focus on designing. I’ll have to keep an eye out for new things from them in the future. (and if you’re a member of Kit & Bixby and just need a little website help, drop me a note, I’d be glad to assist.)

update note: Sadly, it appears this designer is no longer releasing patterns and Hoffman Distributing has taken down the free chart. There are some Kit & Bixby charts still available for sale at 123stitch.com, but several are out of stock.