Quiet Please, Stitcher at Work Cross Stitch Pattern

This free Stitcher at Work cross stitch pattern from Needleprint speaks for itself and we’ve probably all had moments where we wish we had a sign on display. (Seriously, don’t interrupt my counting and stitching process.) You’ll find the pattern [here]. Take a few minutes to browse the blog while you’re there, you’ll find some … Read more

Free Halloween Quaker Cross Stitch Pattern

Halloween Quaker Free Cross Stitch Pattern Preview

This fun little Halloween quaker cross stitch pattern was designed by San-Man Originals and is available free at Cyberstitchers.com (download here) The pattern does include the year 2013, but you could swap out the 3 and make it a 4, or eliminate the year and stitch another motif in its place. I’m thinking I might … Read more

Adorable Free Quaker Cross Stitch Pattern from Gazette94

free quaker cross stitch pattern preview

I was honestly surprised when I found out this adorable pattern is a freebie. So much cuteness and I love a good quaker pattern. Check it out for yourself on the Gazette94 blog. There are some different color examples shown, but you could grab pretty much any color from your stash and just start stitching.