Golden Butterfly

golden butterfly free cross stitch pattern

This shiny little butterfly was designed by Janelle Giese for Kreinik and is available as a free pattern download on the Kreinik website. Get the pattern [here]. Enjoy and happy stitching! … [Continue reading]

Royal Wedding Sampler

Free Cross Stitch Pattern Celebrating the Royal Wedding of Prince Henry to Meghan Markle

Bugs and Fishes had a similar cute sampler for Prince William and Kate's marriage, and now has recreated it to have a matching one for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming wedding. ... Seriously, how adorable is that? Almost as adorable … [Continue reading]

Frog Happy

This happy little frog was designed by Pam Kellogg for Kreinik and is available as a free pattern download on the Kreinik website. Get the pattern [here]. He's super handsome with a little bit of sparkle and a lot of happiness. Enjoy and … [Continue reading]

Knotwork Garden

A bit bigger than the usual free pattern, this design can be stitched as a pillow, part of a tote bag, a nice sized quilt block, or anything else you can imagine it as. While charted in purples and greens, this Celtic inspired knotwork design can of … [Continue reading]

Unicorn Whatevered

This unicorn and rainbow pattern from The Hob-bee Hive is a little naughty, a little fun, and a lot of cute. It's the perfect blend. I love it :) When you download the pattern [here], it's actually an Excel spreadsheet so it might be a little … [Continue reading]

Duck Family in the Water

A cute duck family - mama and her babies - swimming along enjoying their day and looking cute in this free cross stitch pattern from Beau2stitch. The design is 160 x 190 stitches and can be found under Free Animals Cross Stitch on the Beau2stitch … [Continue reading]

Easter Egg Ornaments

Easter Egg ornament Designed by Janelle Giese for Kreinik - four free cross stitch patterns available to download

All four of these shiny egg shaped ornaments were designed by Janelle Giese and are available as free pattern downloads via Kreinik. Get the pattern PDF files [here] and [here]. There are four egg patterns all together, in two PDFs. All the … [Continue reading]

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter Free Cross Stitch Pattern Order of the Phoenix Flame Design

This Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix cross stitch pattern is available as a free download in Helena Kovalchuk's Pattern Shop on Craftsy. Get the pattern at Craftsy [here]. Enjoy & Happy Stitching! Want to learn how to knit so you can … [Continue reading]

Blackwork Victorian House

beautiful blackwork victorian house free cross stitching pattern from kreinik

This beautiful Victorian style house was designed by Jill Cater Nixon and is available as a free pattern download via Kreinik. The pattern is charted with Kreinik's Silk Mori and Hi Lustre threads in mind, but of course you can use whatever … [Continue reading]

Little Gnome

little gnome free cross stitch pattern

This adorable gnome is the right size for stitching on a phone case or any small area, he's about three inches tall depending on the count of fabric you're stitching on. You can download this cute little guy on Craftsy [here]. … [Continue reading]