Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix

This Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix cross stitch pattern is available as a free download in Helena Kovalchuk’s Pattern Shop on Craftsy.

Get the pattern at Craftsy [here]. Enjoy & Happy Stitching!

Want to learn how to knit so you can recreate all those cool Harry Potter themed accessories you’ve been seeing on Pinterest and Facebook? Check out Craftsy’s Online Knitting Classes!

Blackwork Victorian House

This beautiful Victorian style house was designed by Jill Cater Nixon and is available as a free pattern download via Kreinik.

beautiful blackwork victorian house free cross stitching pattern from kreinik

The pattern is charted with Kreinik’s Silk Mori and Hi Lustre threads in mind, but of course you can use whatever you have in your stash. Though, I will say that I really do love the Silk Mori line, they’re wonderful to stitch with and a reasonably affordable silk thread.

Get the pattern [here]. Enjoy & Happy Stitching!

Little Gnome

little gnome free cross stitch pattern

This adorable gnome is the right size for stitching on a phone case or any small area, he's about three inches tall depending on the count of fabric you're stitching on. You can download this cute little guy on Craftsy [here]. … [Continue reading]

Let’s Be Kind

Let's Be Kind free cross stitch pattern from Modern Folk Embroidery

The message speaks for itself, and it's something we all need to hear a bit more often these days. This free cross stitch pattern comes from Modern Folk Embroidery and can be downloaded as a PDF [here]. Enjoy and happy stitching! Go out there … [Continue reading]

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Nevertheless, she persisted - free cross stitch pattern from Delicious Threads

Cute and simple pattern with a bold message. You can download the free pattern from Delicious Threads on Craftsy [here]. Enjoy and happy stitching! … [Continue reading]

Love One Another

Love One Another free cross stitch pattern

This free cross stitch pattern is available from Stitching with Twigs via Craftsy. This would make a beautiful gift or keepsake item :) Get the pattern at Crafsty [here]. Enjoy and happy stitching! … [Continue reading]

Houses for All Seasons

Houses for All Seasons a free cross stitch pattern collection from Brooke's Books

Four of the cutest houses you'll ever see, all decked out one for each season. Stitch your favorite one or stitch them all, but whatever you do have fun with the project. You'll find the free pattern download from Brooke's Books on Craftsy … [Continue reading]

Great Men Are Forged In Fire – The War Doctor

One of my favorite quotes from what is possibly my favorite episode of Doctor Who, the 50th Anniversary Special. Okay, so I can't really truly pick a favorite episode. I love them all. This is definitely my favorite "special" of the bunch. … [Continue reading]

Heart Shaped Tetris Cross Stitch Patterns

I saw some cute Tetris themed heart projects pinned on Pinterest, but they were uploads and didn't link to anything. So, I went browsing the internet for the source of the patterns. Here's what I came up with... .... and .... Enjoy & … [Continue reading]

Harry Potter Silhouette

free harry potter cross stitch silhouette pattern

Iconic Harry Potter elements in an easy to recognize silhouette style cross stitch pattern designed by Valenti Cross Stitch and offered via Craftsy. Get the free pattern at Craftsy [here]. Enjoy and happy stitching! … [Continue reading]