Rainbow Rose from Mucky Musings

This beautifully colored rainbow rose cross stitch pattern from Mucky Musings would make a beautiful gift or just a fun weekend stitching project.

The PDF chart includes both a color version and a black and white version, so you can print and stitch from whichever you prefer to use.

You’ll also find a few other little free cross stitch patterns available on the download page, including two other roses and a marigold pattern.

Beautiful Poppies in a Vase

It’s funny how amazing things pop up when you didn’t even know you were looking for them. I was poking around looking for something else entirely while having sewing machine troubles, and these stunning poppies came up in the search results. And then I saw the pattern was free! It’s printing as I type.

beautiful poppies in a vase free cross stitch pattern

source: Craftsy.com

Yes, this is really a free pattern. No, I’m not joking. Go get it at Craftsy right now!

Happy Stitching

Pretty Flowers by Stitching Fairy

These quick and easy to stitch flowers from Stitching Fairy are perfect to stitch up for cards and gifts, with variations to use for different events.

You can download the pattern set free on Craftsy.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching!

A Lovely Sunflower

This beautiful sunflower pattern is free from the Beau2Stitch blog [here].

The pattern uses whole stitches and half stitches (or tent stitches) to create texture in the background, but no worries there’s nothing fancy or difficult included in there.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching!

Hello Spring

I think it’s finally Spring for real, we had some wacky weather in April but May is looking much nicer and we can finally get some gardening done.

This cute little spring freebie is from Lizzie*Kate.
Get the pattern here.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching!

Pretty Tulips!

I love tulips, so simple and so pretty. I’m planning a special section of the yard just for tulip planting next year.

spring tulips free cross stitch pattern preview

source: DMC-USA.com

This is a free pattern from DMC. It’s sort of a long narrow pattern (stitch count is 44w X 216h) so it would make a wonderful bookmark or a small bellpull.

Enjoy and Happy Stitching!

Chrysanthemum Flower

This beautiful chrysanthemum flower pattern is available from the Better Cross Stitch website.

Beautiful pops of vibrant color and flower details 🙂

Enjoy and Happy Stitching!

Manuela’s Sunflower from Chatelaine

When you hear someone mention Chatelaine Designs, you probably think of intricate mandalas and lots of detail work being done, maybe even the amazing mystery patterns. But if you click around the pages you’ll find a nice collection of little freebie designs as well, and this one is my favorite.

I love sunflowers. They’re the one thing I can grow in my garden every year with fail and they always look beautiful.

Happy Stitching

Get this pattern at http://chatelaine-design.de/newweb/cgi-bin/detail.pl?free05