Free Cross Stitch SALs 2022

Looking for a stitchalong to join? Here are a few free cross stitch SALs from around the web that are taking place in 2022… (in no particular order)

The Steady Thread Blackwork Garden SAL

Snarky and Modern Weekly Blackwork SAL

Jeanette Douglas Mini Bouquet Sampler SAL

Naughty Frog Designs King of Horror: The Overlook SAL

String or Nothing Epic Fandom SAL

Free Cross Stitch SALs to Join in 2022

Free Cross Stitch SALs to Join in 2021

Linen & Threads 2021 SAL 
(previous year’s SAL patterns are also still available for download)

Galdra Stafir Magical’s SALs

You’ll find the details for all of the Magical SALs on the blog at
This year’s projects include:
– NFSAL 2021
– Friday Freebie
– Ornament of the Month 2021
– Temperature SAL 2021
– Blackwork SAL 2021: Shades of Blackwork
– Sampler SAL

Peppermint Purple Blackwork SAL

Thread packs are optionally available.

Nerdstitchalong SAL Facebook Group

You can learn more and join in the fun on Facebook at

Animal Crossing SAL from Cunning Cross Stitch

You can pick up the frame and find more details at

Magic Kingdom SAL from Cunning Cross Stitch

Odd Thread Designs 2021 SALs

Bargello themed stitchalong

Kitty and Me Designs Never-Ending Sampler SAL

It goes on and on my friends. You’ll find all the information at

TUSAL (aka Totally Useless SAL)

The idea is to empty your ort jar (your thread scraps) on the New Moon of every month and share a photo of your snippets. You’ll find all of the info on DaffyCat’s Stitching Blog

WIPocalypse SAL

You make a list of the works-in-progress that you want to make progress on throughout the year and check in with how you’re doing. You’ll find the information for this year, including the monthly themes and the Olympic Stitching challenge, on Measi’s blog at

Free Cross Stitch SALs to Join in 2021

Travel Through Europe Free Pattern SAL from DMC

Here’s a cute free SAL created by DMC Europe. Each month will feature a different European city: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Moscow, London, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Bern, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid and Rome.

I used Google Translate to translate the page. The pattern is 155 x 220 stitches in size. You’ll find a link near the end of the blog post that has the word subscribe in it, you’ll want to click on that to subscribe to receive the first part of the pattern.

The first pattern comes by email with a subject line of :
Viagem pela Europa: 1º esquema “Amesterdão”

The pattern is actually embedded in the email (not an attachment) so you might need to check a box to turn images on inside your email program. Then they are releasing the following patterns on the blog and you’ll receive an email from them when they’re added to the site.

The second part, Copenhagen, is on the blog for February [here].

Enjoy & Happy Stitching!