Wendy’s Owl from Ship’s Manor

Halloween Owl Free Cross Stitch Pattern from Ship's Manor
source: Ship’s Manor

This cute little owl is one of my favorite freebies from Ship’s Manor. There’s even a Halloween version available.

You can find both versions on the Ship’s Manor Freebies page toward the bottom. Of course, check out the other free cross stitch patterns available while you’re there and have a peek at the beautiful hand-dyed threads and fabrics.

Dragonfly and Butterfly Free Cross Stitch Patterns from The World in Stitches

Full of fun Spring colors, these two free cross stitch patterns from The World in Stitches make a great pair.

Free Butterfly and Dragonfly Cross Stitch Patterns from The World in Stitches
source: The World in Stitches

You’ll find the downloadable cross stitch pattern for the butterfly at https://www.theworldinstitches.co.uk/blogs/blog/free-butterfly-cross-stitch-chart and the accompanying dragonfly cross stitch pattern at https://www.theworldinstitches.co.uk/blogs/blog/free-dragonfly-cross-stitch-chart

Enjoy and happy stitching 🙂

3 Amazing Free Doctor Who Cross Stitch Patterns from Buzy Bobbins

I was looking around the web for TARDIS cross stitch patterns when I came across not just a TARDIS cross stitch pattern at Buzy Bobbins, but some great looking Doctor Who logo cross stitch patterns as well.

Free TARDIS Doctor Who Cross Stitch Pattern from Buzy Bobbins
Free TARDIS Cross Stitch Pattern
source: Buzy Bobbins
DW Logo Free Doctor Who Cross STitch Pattern from Buzy Bobbins
DW Logo Free Cross Stitch Pattern
source: Buzy Bobbins
Classic Doctor Who Free Cross Stitch Pattern from Buzy Bobbins
Classic Doctor Who Logo Cross Stitch Pattern
source: Buzy Bobbins

Free Cross Stitch SALs to Join in 2021

Linen & Threads 2021 SAL

(previous year’s SAL patterns are also still available for download)

Galdra Stafir Magical’s SALs

You’ll find the details for all of the Magical SALs on the blog at https://magicalquilts.blogspot.com/
This year’s projects include:
– NFSAL 2021
– Friday Freebie
– Ornament of the Month 2021
– Temperature SAL 2021
– Blackwork SAL 2021: Shades of Blackwork
– Sampler SAL

Peppermint Purple Blackwork SAL

Thread packs are optionally available.

Nerdstitchalong SAL Facebook Group

You can learn more and join in the fun on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/nerdstitchalong/

Animal Crossing SAL from Cunning Cross Stitch

You can pick up the frame and find more details at http://cunningcrossstitch.blogspot.com/2020/11/animal-crossing-sal-frame.html

Magic Kingdom SAL from Cunning Cross Stitch

Odd Thread Designs 2021 SALs

Bargello themed stitchalong https://odd-thread.com/stitch-alongs/

Kitty and Me Designs Never-Ending Sampler SAL

It goes on and on my friends. You’ll find all the information at http://kittyandmedesigns.blogspot.com/p/never-ending-sampler-stitch-along.html

TUSAL (aka Totally Useless SAL)

The idea is to empty your ort jar (your thread scraps) on the New Moon of every month and share a photo of your snippets. You’ll find all of the info on DaffyCat’s Stitching Blog https://itsdaffycat.blogspot.com/2018/01/a-totally-useless-stitch-long.html

WIPocalypse SAL

You make a list of the works-in-progress that you want to make progress on throughout the year and check in with how you’re doing. You’ll find the information for this year, including the monthly themes and the Olympic Stitching challenge, on Measi’s blog at http://measi.net/measiblog/wipocalypse_main/2021-wipocalypse-info/

Free Cross Stitch SALs to Join in 2021

Give Thanks from DMC

This adorable Thanksgiving cross stitch pattern from DMC is a mini sampler with turkey, autumn leaves, pumpkins, and thankfulness. Just add your favorite threads and maybe a slice of pie and you’re all set 😉

Give Thanks free Thanksgiving cross stitch pattern from DMC
source: DMC

Download the free cross stitch pattern at https://www.dmc.com/us/p-free-patternsfree-cross-stitch-chart-give-thanks.html

I know it’s shown in a frame as a sampler, but I think it would also be really cute on holiday napkins, towels, or maybe the end of a table runner 🙂

This Work I’ve Done from Sandra Moffitt

The inspiration for this free cross stitch pattern comes from the reproduction of the HANNAH COATES sampler, which you can check out while you’re on the Hands Across the Sea Samplers website 😉 It’s a lovely reproduction and this little freebie is sort of a sneak peek at the center of the design.

This work I’ve done to let you see
the care my parents took of me
When I am dead and in my grave
I hope this piece of work you’ll save

This Work I’ve Done design from Sandra Moffitt of Hands Across the Sea Samplers

You can download This Work I’ve Done over on the Hands Across Sea Samplers blog https://hands-across-the-sea-samplers.com/free-cross-stitch-chart/

Enjoy and happy stitching

Scottish Thistle from Albion Gould

Sometimes little things pop up that are just a joy to discover. This lovely Scottish Thistle was one of those things for me. I was taking a break from working and looking around on Pinterest when I discovered a pin for this design that led me to Albion Gould’s website. Where I then proceeded to extend my afternoon break to look at all the lovely things and geek out a little bit at a like-minded soul who enjoys cross stitch, sparkly thread, and Doctor Who 🙂

Scottish Thistle Free Cross Stitch Pattern from Albion Gould
source: Albion Gould

This is a fun and beautiful design that features the DMC Étoile thread line for a bit of sparkle, but of course those can be swapped out if you prefer to use standard threads.

You’ll also notice there’s a special ‘twist’ to this design as well. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so go on over to get the details and the free cross stitch pattern at https://www.albiongould.com/scottish-thistle-cross-stitch-pattern/.

Enjoy and happy stitching 🙂

Welcome to Night Vale Pattern Collection

As a fan of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast and the book, I was really excited to find this fun Welcome to Night Vale cross stitch pattern collection from F.P. Molina. I say collection because there are several Night Vale themed patterns with different options to choose from.

Welcome to Night Vale cross stitch sampler previews
source: F.P. Molina

I absolutely downloaded this sampler pattern and printed it out today. So fun. I love that there are several options included so that you can choose the level of detail you want to have on your stitched piece.

All Hail the Glow Cloud - preview of Night Vale themed free cross stitch pattern
source: F.P. Molina

Of course, I needed the All Hail the Glow Cloud pattern as well.

The Dog Park Will Not Harm You - preview of Night Vale themed free cross stitch pattern
source: F.P. Molina

These are just a few of the Welcome to Night Vale themed cross stitch patterns available from F.P. Molina. Pop on over there and check it out at http://fpmolina.com/2016/06/night-vale-cross-stitch/.

Enjoy and happy stitching 🙂

Halloween Biscornu from Lakeside Needlecraft

This cute little Halloween biscornu cross stitch pattern is a free PDF from Lakeside Needlecraft and includes instructions for your biscornu assembly.

Free Halloween Cross Stitch Biscornu (top and bottom)
source: Lakeside Needlecraft

Pattern size is 61 x 61 stitches. Charted in DMC 310, but of course you can use any fabric and threads that you like.

You’ll find the free PDF download at https://www.lakesideneedlecraft.co.uk/halloween-biscornu-free-pdf-chart-27350-p.asp

Strawberry Heart from Amanda Gregory

I love strawberry season 🙂 This cute heart-shaped band sampler from Amanda Gregory is full of strawberry themed beauty.

Get the pattern from Amanda’s site at

This design does have fractional stitches, but please don’t let those frighten you away from this cute cross stitch pattern. They’re not too difficult, I promise. It’s also a great opportunity to give evenweave or linen stitching a try if you haven’t yet. (Here’s a handy guide to help you, if it’s your first time using those types of fabrics.)

Enjoy and happy stitching!