Not Your Boo

This free cross stitch pattern from The Homesteady is cute, fun, and a little sassy. I love it so ridiculously much. Appropriate both as a fun Halloween themed piece and as a bit of a subversive message to that guy in the office who keeps calling everyone ‘boo’ … don’t be that guy.

You’ll find the pattern [here] on the Homesteady site.

If you like this pattern, be sure to hop over to her Etsy shop to check those patterns out as well.

Cuore Halloween at CasaCenina

free halloween cross stitch pattern from CasaCenina skeleton and ghost in heart

source: CasaCenina

Cuore Halloween (translates to Heart Halloween) Designer Isabelle Vautier gives us this fun filled heart pattern with skeletons, ghosts, and black cats. More whimsy than scary, a few beads or glow in the dark threads would really make this piece pop.

Get the pattern at CasaCenina [here]. Note that you’ll receive a zip file download and will need to extract the GIF images for viewing and printing.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching!

Fun Ghost to Stitch for Halloween

free halloween ghost cross stitch pattern from DMC

source: DMC

This cute little guy comes from the DMC website freebie section. You’ll find him here.

The model is stitched up using 3 strands of floss instead of the usual 2, and all half stitches with the direction going to the right. Then they use memory thread and do couching for the outline to give him a curvy whispy appearance. It’s a fun little project for trying out new stitching techniques and threads.

Enjoy and Happy Stitching!